Employability Skill Development Course

  • Are you an employee and can’t keep pace with the working environment?
  • Are you facing problems in team-working?
  • Is it difficult for you to explain your thoughts towards people?

Or, are you a graduate and looking for a job, but afraid of facing interviews? If any of these problems matches to you, then here you will find your solution. The job-ready program arranged by Wadhwani Foundation will prepare you to face such situations. The courses set by the organization will help you to increase your employability skill.

About Wadhwani Foundation

The Wadhwani Foundation, a philanthropic organization, was established by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dr Romesh Wadhwani in 2000. Wadhwani Foundation’s primary goal is accelerating economic development in emerging economies by creating large-scale employment through entrepreneurship, innovation, and skills development. The Wadhwani Foundation principally works through partnerships with like-minded individuals, organizations, corporations, and governments. Today the Foundation is scaling impact in 25 countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America through their initiatives.

What is the “21st Century Employability Skill
Development Course”?

The Wadhwani Foundation has researched over 1000+ large companies in the world. They then developed this course’s modules after a detailed review of what employers or hiring managers in companies emphasize on hard skills and soft skills while hiring or interviewing a new person. We can find many organizations to provide us with different courses to improve our hard skills. But it isn’t easy to find an organization like this to provide a practical guideline to enhance soft skills.

How is The Course Organized?

The course’s entire content is made in such an exciting way that any student can easily do this course. Modules are arranged with great graphics, great colour combinations, animations, question and answer sessions, practice sessions, clear sound quality, test sessions. The course has 10 modules and arranged with 146 online tutorials with video lessons.

What are The Modules?

The whole course contains the following 10 modules:

  • Communication Basic
  • Communication Workplace
  • Attitudes and Behavior
  • Teamwork
  • Customers Centricity
  • Problem Solving
  • Digital Literacy-Basic
  • Digital literary Workplace
  • Workplace Awareness
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset

How are The Modules Arranged?

Each module is divided into a lesson containing pre-assessment and several lessons
about the topic. Again, each lesson of all modules are divided into 5 components:

● Watch parts contains a video tutorial on the lesson-topic. All videos are created in such a way; thus, it never made learners monotonous. So the duration of the videos kept 5-8 minutes only.

● Think After gathering knowledge about the lesson-topic, in this part, learners have to cultivate their thoughts. Here learners are given a situation related to the topic, and they have to sort out the most effective solution for the position.

● Collaborate In this part, learners have to share about what they learned. They can write about the gathered knowledge and also their opinion about the topic.

● Do In this part, learners need to examine what they learned. Here they will face some questions given by creating a related situation of the lesson. Do part is divided into 2 part: Do Play: It is a practice part with correction if they give a wrong answer. Do Test: It is the actual part to examine them.

● Explore Here learners will find some links on the related topic to explore to dive in more knowledge. You have to attempt each of these components sequentially, to gain the most out of each lesson.

You have to attempt each of these components sequentially, to gain the most out of each lesson.

What Does The Modules Contain?

Communication Basic

After learning all the lessons of this module, you will know about communication. Generally, what people think communication is; it not the same. The lessons will make you learn how to communicate effectively with people known or unknown. You will also know how to greet people and how to make daily conversations with people effectively. You will also learn to present yourself to others.

Communication Workplace

This module will help you in improving speaking and writing quality in the workplace. You will learn to improve your writing quality to convince people about your proposal or service. You will also learn to improve your speaking quality to be able to communicate with people effectively.

Attitudes and Behavior

After learning this module, you will learn about time and task management, cost consciousness, quality consciousness. You will also know what the result of orientation ability and self-awareness is. All these things will help you to lead an organized life and to gain financial literacy.


Team working is an essential skill for our workplace. This module will make you prepared for working in a team properly—your ability to share opinions on a team and work together effectively by managing all conflicts.

Customers Centricity

You will learn about the types of customers by this module; thus, you will be able to categorize your customers and treat them as their demand. Customer management is crucial for improving the business.

Problem Solving

This module will introduce you with critical thinking, creative thinking, and decision-making ability. The goal of this module is to make you able to solve any problem in any practical situation. After learning this module, it will be easy for you to solve any problem by applying critical and creative thinking.

Digital Literacy-Basic

Here you will learn some essential tasks we need to perform in our daily life, like financial transactions, navigating using maps, access to the internet using different digital devices, and maintaining web browsers’ security and the benefits and dangers of social networking sites and searching for online sites.

Digital literary Workplace

From this module, you will gather essential information about digital electronic devices used in the workplace. Here you will also learn about effective online communication, availability of social networking platforms, advanced features of different specific tools and Ms excel, etc.

Workplace Awareness

Here you will gather knowledge about alignment with high growth sectors and the importance of gender diversity in your organization. All these will lead your organization to a great position by creating positive influence among people.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Finally, this module will set you for entering in the practical field with your own business. Here you will learn the qualities you need to adopt to be an entrepreneur. You will also know about recognizing opportunity, conception and creativity, leadership, and team spirit.

Final verdict

You all know more or less about soft skills. In addition to academic studies, Soft Skills have a lot of importance. We accept Hard Skills academically. However, knowledge of very soft skills is not available. As a result, the lack of this skill affects work-life and corporate life.

So, now you know the details of the course. If you want to prepare yourself for your desired job and develop your employability skill, sit with your pc and search for your country’s organization, which works for the Wadhwani Foundation. Then enroll yourself for the course and build your better future.


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