Off-Campus Placement Preparation

Off-Campus Placement Preparation Off-campus placements might be really tiring and intimidating at the same time and require an extra effort of making contact with the recruiter and getting shortlisted for the further selection processes of the company and hence factors like past work experience and extraordinary resume etc. comes into play.

Major differences between on campus and off campus placements can be found in the articles given below:

1. Placements (On-Campus, Off-Campus and Pool Campus)
2. How is On Campus Placement different from off-campus placement?

Because of intense competition in Off campus placement is driving good preparation has become very essential covering a wide range of topics in CS as describing below:

  1. Work on your Resume : HR and Talent Acquisition team does not spend a much interval of time while scrolling your resume and hence to make an attractive resume is very much important. Use any of these standard resume template or below links to build a good resume.

I have selected these by my own, I found them very attractive.

1. Resume_Maker_1
2. Resume_Maker_2

  • Coding Practice is must : Most companies take only an online test before proceeding to further Interview rounds, so good coding practice is very necessary. I am providing you the link to practice coding.

1. Must do coding questions for companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe.

3. Important Computer Science Subjects you must know :

  • Operating System : Good knowledge of Operating System is very much important and recruiters asks lots of operating system questions in telephonic round and interview rounds.
  • DBMS : Databases are used in almost every company and form a huge segment of the Interviews especially face to face Interviews where you can expect both theoretical questions as well as to write SQL queries and hence good knowledge of databases is very necessary.

2. Commonly asked DBMS questions

  • C++ : C++ is fastest coding language and is used mostly in legacy companies and that’s why it’s in depth knowledge for lots of companies become necessary, although you may skip if you are preparing and interviewing for a non C++ profile.

4. Interview Experience : Read and watch videos of Interview Experiences of the companies which you have been preparing for.

GeeksforGeeks is one of the best sites which provide an huge collection of Interview Experiences.

Here is the link for that.


5. Resume Knowledge : Last but not the least know your resume properly because that is about you, so you must know everything about it without any hesitation, everything means your internships and projects, as an example if you have worked on some security technology like SSL then you must have good theoretical knowledge on SSL and put yourself  in a position where you can talk about your work experience and can explain it in a perfect way.

Have a good day, all the best. 

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